Is it Possible to Sue For Damages When There is No Physical Injury in a Car Accident?

Being involved in an auto accident is traumatic and may result in grievous harm often ending in death especially if there had been a car crash. Luckily an able Georgia Car accident lawyer can help his client to claim and recover the due amount that would cover the medical expenses as well the money spent on repair of the automobile.

Unfortunately, the matter ends there are the laws of every state has been revised following several false claims that did not end in the affected person suffering any harm. Sadly, there are often instances of the victim definitely being involved in an accident but emerging free out of the ordeal without sustaining any kind of physical injuries. So is it possible for an attorney to win such a case and provide compensation for his client? Here are the facts. Do check!

The lawyers often advise filing for ‘intentional infliction of emotional distress’ and plead for recovery of damages. This can be made possible once you are able to prove that the other driver had:-

1. Was behaving in an outrageous manner that led to the mishap
2. Was driving recklessly and caused emotional distress
3. Was in close proximity and able to hear pleas of the claimant


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